Workplace mediation costs

What will workplace mediation cost?

Understanding our fees

To encourage workplace mediation, we have an easy-to-follow fee structure.

Initial mediation consultation – We understand that you may have questions about workplace mediation and the process. That is why we always give a 20-minute consultation at no charge.

Mediation Information Meeting – This is the initial meeting and it is conducted with each participant involved in the dispute individually. The minimum time for this meeting is 60 minutes. This is charged at an hourly rate of £180 per person.

Mediation Sessions – These are either half day or full day depending on the dispute and its complexity. A half day is 3 hours and is charged at £500 + VAT per participant. A full day is 6 hours and is charged at £1000 + VAT per participant. If there are more than two participants, the mediator will advise you on charges.

We understand that you may have not budgeted for mediation, but we would encourage it to be seen as an investment for your business to avoid further disputes, which may cause staff absences, drawn-out grievance action, low morale, poor productivity, and possible litigation costs.

Our mediation team is always willing to speak to you about our fees.