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Workplace mediation can benefit everyone at work

For many, workplace mediation is preferable to legal action.



Reduces the time, energy and financial cost in managing the conflict


Mediation has the potential to rebuild and re-establish workplace relationships and create a positive environment at work

LEGAL action

Reduces the likelihood of legal action being initiated


An independent mediation service shows the business’s commitment to sorting disputes out fairly and constructively


Development of communication skills for staff and raised levels of awareness, allowing them to better manage conflict in the future


Quick to start and to complete

Did you know that it is estimated that workplace conflict annualy costs the UK economy:

  • £34 billion
  • 370 million working days
    (Statistics from OPP & CIPD 2018)
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    How workplace mediation works

    Make a referral
    Talk to one of our qualified mediators to talk about the case and how to move forward.
    Pre-mediation meeting
    The mediator will speak to each participant separately to discuss the case and how mediation works. Meetings are usually one hour.
    A meeting face-to-face or in shuttle where issues and concerns can be explored in a safe, confidential environment.
    The agreement
    A plan going forward agreed by the participants. This can be written down and turned into a formal agreement, if required.

    About Us

    We are a team of accredited, experienced mediators

    We can offer you and your team both online and face to face mediation throughout England and Wales. Our workplace mediation team can support you and your colleagues through challenges, which may be as a result of conflict, organisational change, workloads, claims of discrimination etc. As impartial and trained mediators, we aim to help facilitate communications, and to support everyone in making arrangements for the future, rather than the courts.

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    As an organisation, workplace conflict and disagreement can be detrimental to your productivity and working relationships. That is why it is crucial to find a solution to resolve workplace conflicts promptly and effectively. Our workplace mediation service offers a reliable and efficient dispute resolution process that can be used to manage conflicts and reach an agreement that is acceptable to all participants involved.

    Our trained mediators act as impartial third parties, facilitating communication and helping to identify underlying issues. With our professional mediation services, you can find solutions that are acceptable and beneficial to your organisation. Don’t let workplace conflict go unaddressed. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in resolving workplace conflicts.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is workplace mediation?

    Workplace mediation is a conflict management approach that involves enlisting an impartial third party to assist team members in resolving their disputes, thereby preventing workplace tensions from escalating into more severe issues.

    Does workplace mediation work?

    Yes, it does. We have been providing workplace mediation services for years now and have seen a significant increase in organisations investing in mediation services to resolve workplace disputes. The vast majority of cases lead to a future-focused agreement being written, and the feedback from our clients speaks for itself.

    What happens if an agreement isn't made during a workplace mediation case?

    The vast majority of workplace mediation cases result in a written agreement. However, if an agreement is not reached, a Non-Agreement Form will be provided instead. Even in the absence of an agreement, workplace mediation can still be beneficial by reopening communication channels, which may foster better working relationships in the future.

    Can workplace mediation be done online?

    Yes, successful mediation cases can be delivered online. Feedback has been excellent, and we continue to see great results for the involved participants.

    Is workplace mediation confidential?

    Yes, participants are asked to sign a Confidentiality Agreement on the day of the mediation to ensure that whatever is said does not leave the room. In addition, all notes related to the case are disposed of upon completion.

    Is workplace mediation voluntary?

    Yes, participation in mediation is always voluntary. We strongly advise against coercion or forced participation. We have found that such tactics can impede the effectiveness of the mediation process and reduce the likelihood of reaching a mutually beneficial resolution.

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