Are you looking for a family solicitor?


At Direct Mediation Services we work with you to try and find a way forward for you and your family. This journey starts with a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM). During this we talk to you about the benefits of mediation, but also about getting legal advice. We understand it is easy to get lost within the legal process and that sometimes it can help to get some legal advice. We are often asked if we can recommend a family solicitor and this is why we have created this page. As mediators, we need to be impartial, but the lawyers we list are mediation friendly and will support your decision to use mediation.

Angela Moores (multiple offices across England)

Galbraith Gorman (South East)

Gemma Mascarenhas (East Ham)

Sandra Wong (Manchester)

Michael Chapman (Manchester, London)

Frances Bentley (Wilmslow, Knutsford, Manchester, London)

Emma Davison (Wetherby & Leeds)

Gianna Lisiecki-Cunane (Saddleworth, Rochdale, Oldham, Manchester)

Hannah Paddock (Burnley, Blackburn, Bradford, Clitheroe, Halifax)

Caroline Grierson (High Peak, Stockport)

Laura Mounsey (Harrogate)

Vivienne Atkinson (Wigan)

Filomena Sterkaj (Chelmsford)

Julia Sacco (Bristol)

Victoria Richardson (Manchester)

Samara Iqbal (Manchester)

Waqass Farid (Yorkshire based)

Divorce Online (Online services)

OLS Solicitors (Online services)

Amanda Loe (Greater Bournemouth Area)

Crystal Stewart (London & Nationwide)




McKenzie Friends

Jeff Botterill (England and Wales)

Becky Crevald (England and Wales)

Karen Cole (England and Wales)

Robert Smith (London based)

Andrew Weeden – Regulated Paralegal – (Cambridge)

Nita Barn & Sofia Kaur (Midlands Region & Nationwide)

Are you looking for a specialist mediator?

Sometimes it is difficult to find a mediator who has the knowledge and experience you require for your case. To help, DMS has created a short directory of specialist mediators who are registered with the Civil Mediation Council (CMC).

Tony Munday – Workplace mediator

Dawn Stainer – Workplace, civil and commercial

Geoff Farmer – Workplace, civil and commercial (specialises in costs, personal injury, professional negligence)

Avinder Laroya – Workplace, civil and commercial (specialises in contractual disputes, property and construction)

Louise Leigh – Civil, commercial and workplace (specialises in cost negotiations, debt, property disputes, landlord / tenant disputes)

Rajinder Rai – Civil, Commercial and Workplace

Ruth Everard – Civil and commercial



Other specialists:

Catherine Hawkes – Employment Law





Family solicitor and mediator recommendations are provided as a convenient reference for our clients seeking legal advice. It remains solely the individual’s responsibility to screen the solicitor and to verify their qualifications and determine their suitability.

All recommended solicitors are independently of Direct Mediation Services. Direct Mediation Services does not guarantee any services provided by the solicitors or mediators and cannot be held liable for claims or damages arising from services rendered or from agreements between clients and solicitors.