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Meet your mediator Stuart Hanson FMCA

Award winning mediator, Stuart Hanson FMCA (Managing Partner) and his team of over 80 accredited family mediators across England and Wales are committed to delivering a high-quality service that meets your needs for both private and Legal Aid clients. We offer online MIAMs throughout the week during regular office hours. Appointments on an evening or at weekends are also available, but for private clients. In-person MIAMs are also available by appointment at one of our 230+ locations.

Your Mediation Services

The first stage in family mediation is the MIAM. This is the first meeting that you have with a mediator. The four letter stands for Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting. It is important to note that your former partner does not attend this meeting with you. This meeting can be done using Skype, FaceTime, or WhatsApp, which is easy to do, even if you are not a techie person! In this first meeting, you will have the opportunity to find out from a qualified family mediator how mediation works and the potential benefits. The mediator will also make an assessment as to whether mediation is appropriate for your personal situation. If mediation is not an option, the mediator is able to sign the appropriate court forms.

Your MIAM within office hours - £120

We promise our clients an online MIAM appointment within three days of booking, but most of the time it is sooner. This could be during your lunch hour, or before picking the kids up from school. Let us know and we will do our best to give you a time that fits in with your life. If you would like to book a face-to-face appointment, please let our staff know.

Online MIAM at any time or within an hour - £180

We understand that sometimes only the MIAM certificate is needed to complete a court application form and that is why we offer the 1-hour express service. You can be in your lawyer’s office, at work or at home and we can deliver your MIAM online to you. Immediately after the MIAM we will email your certificate, so you can make that court application.



What our clients say

I was at a point that I felt I had no way forward from until I was recommended Stuart at Direct Mediation Services. He remained professional unbiased and kept me informed at all stages throughout the case. I couldn’t recommend Stuart enough. Thank you, Stuart, you have made me one step closer to my goal. – Chris, Ilkley

A brilliant, cost-effective service led by some outstanding mediators who balance professionalism with human empathy in what are tricky and sensitive situations. This surely must be one of the better family mediation services out there. Fully recommend. – Chevan, London

Very professional, approachable and very co-operative staff … I doubt it anybody can match for their services in the market. I highly recommended anyone for their services. – Syed, Leeds

Excellent service by friendly and professional mediators. Highly experienced staff members promptly handled the matter at hand. – Faiz, Singapore

A truly professional, caring and yet delightful service. I was made to feel at ease despite the emotional feelings I was encountering. Thank you for your support. – Rosie, London

I would definitely recommend using Direct Mediation Services as an alternative to expensive and intrusive court action. – Lukell, London

Dealt with Stuart who was very professional and understanding of the situation. Stuart ensures he starts a conversation with less stressful issues and we had a lengthy conversation regarding non legal related issues before we discussed details of my case and what I was trying to achieve. A man with a wealth of experience and someone who understands different family cultures really well. Thanks for your assistance. – Mohammed, Leeds

Brilliant company and really easy to understand. Talked me through everything and explained it rather tahn rushed through it. Polite, courteous and sympathetic to each case. Couldn’t say enough nice things about this firm, if your struggling to see your child then definitely give these guys a try.. I dealt with Stuart, and he did a fantastic job. – Carl, Birmingham







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