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Direct Mediation Services takes pleasure in offering family mediation services in Bristol.

What it’s all about

What Is the Family Mediation Service?


Family mediation offers an alternative to the contentious legal battles between the couple’s solicitors. Instead, it enables both participants to collaborate and create mutually advantageous proposals.

Even after a separation, participants engaged in family mediation sessions can reach decisions concerning children, property, and finances. 

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    Benefits of Family Mediation


    Family mediation helps facilitate communication among conflicted participants.

    Family mediators offer their expertise to help participants achieve mutually agreeable solutions.

    Compared to court proceedings, mediation can be a less stressful process for all participants involved.

    Family mediation can help improve the welfare of children involved in parental disputes.

    Mediation is a more cost-effective alternative to court proceedings.

    Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAMs)

    The Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) is the introductory stage of the mediation process, providing an opportunity for you to discuss your personal circumstances with a mediator and assess whether mediation could be advantageous for you and your family. MIAMs can be conducted either in-person or online, depending on your preferences.

    In addition, Legal Aid-funded clients, may also access this service at no cost. However, it is necessary to undergo the Legal Aid assessment procedure before attending the MIAM, which takes approximately 10 working days to complete.

    Mediation Bristol

    Financial Process

    Family mediation for financial matters is led by an accredited mediator, who supports the participants in creating a conducive environment for achieving a positive outcome. It is essential to note that in family mediation, a resolution does not become legally binding until a court order ratifies it.

    Once a financial agreement has been reached, there are a number of documents created, an Open Financial Statement (OFS) to document financial assets, and a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which outlines the specific terms of any agreed proposals.

    Child Arrangement Process

    Family mediation offers parents and some older children the opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions in a secure and supportive environment. The perspectives of both parents, and in some cases that of the child, are heard within the mediation process. By prioritising the welfare and voice of the child, the mediation process aims to reach mutually acceptable agreements between the parents or the adults involved in the child’s life.

    Types of Mediation


    Sole Mediation


    Shuttle Mediation

    Child Inclusive Mediation

    Why Choose Our Family Mediation Service in Bristol?

    Our mediators are accredited professionals with extensive experience in family mediation. We take pride in providing a confidential service to all our clients. Our services are available to both private clients and those who are eligible for Legal Aid. Our staff includes mediators and admin staff who are multilingual. To help you learn more about our mediation services, we offer a free telephone consultation where we can discuss your situation and provide information on how we can assist you.

    Our Reviews

    What our clients have to say.

    Very helpful and friendly service. Talked me through the mediation process and made it all seem much clearer and easier to understand.Code There was no complicated legal jargon and I came away armed with better knowledge and some helpful tips. Highly recommended!

    K S

    I did it and now would like to recommend it. Dealt with Stuart, who was the man at the exact time. His approach and a great way of directing me with presenting my issues were surprisingly way easier than I projected the obstacle in my mind. Highly recommend it as this removes my blockage. A wealth of experience. Many thanks Stuart

    D R

    Brilliant company and really easy to understand. Talked me through everything and explained it rather tahn rushed through it. Polite, courteous and sympathetic to each case. Couldn't say enough nice things about this firm, if your struggling to see your child then definitely give these guys a try.. I dealt with Stuart, and he did a fantastic job

    C W

    I have been in contact Stuart at Direct Mediation Services on and off for about two years for various reasons and know him to be an utterly committed and decent person who I would (and do) wholeheartedly recommend to any other women (or men) in need of mediation. He is polite and calm, explains the whole process and makes you feel safe.

    D C

    They were very helpful in clearly explain the process of mediation and were very friendly in all discussions. I would certainly recommend them to anyone..

    N C

    Direct mediation are fantastic quick to respond and really efficient gets the job done

    S W

    Lesley was very professional throughout and ensured we were both comfortable to start mediation together. Although it was a tough experience and brought up some baggage I feel it was very useful overall to reflect on our approach to parenting in the long term rather than focussing on the current uncomfortable situation. We've already started putting in place some of what we have discussed which I feel is already improving both our relationship with our child and each other.

    T S

    Thank you very much for your services, I would recommend you guys to anybody going through this. You have been so professional and impartial while at the same time trying to get things resolved for everybody’s interests.

    R B

    Thanks so much for helping me with this very difficult and sensitive issue . I am very grateful -

    D S

    Lesley was a lovely kind person who listened without judging

    S J

    Great service, handled the situation very sensitively

    S P

    Provided a wealth of support centres and contact lines to assist with Domestic Abuse. Very experienced mediator with a very friendly manner. Excellent listener and tried very hard to work towards addressing a very complex situation

    N G

    The mediator was kind, friendly and I was comfortable speaking openly with her, she was understanding and gave helpful advice and signposted me to useful services for me to use.

    L C

    Just a big thank you.

    E M

    My mediator was lovely and so helpful

    K N
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    Contact Us for More Information

    If you need support, our professional family mediation services are available to assist you with any inquiries you may have regarding mediation. Please do not hesitate to contact us for information and support throughout the mediation process. We are here to assist you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are free mediation services available in England and Wales?

    Free mediation services are accessible to individuals who meet the eligibility criteria for Legal Aid. Legal Aid can cover all the costs of mediation for eligible individuals.

    Do you participate in the Family Mediation Voucher Scheme?

    Yes, we do participate in the Family Mediation Voucher Scheme, which is a temporary initiative aimed at helping participants resolve their family law disputes outside of court. Eligible clients may receive a financial contribution of up to £500 towards the cost of mediation.

    Is a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) compulsory in England and Wales?

    In most cases, a MIAM is required before initiating legal proceedings regarding children and finances. However, it is not mandatory in all cases. The objective of a MIAM is to assess whether mediation is a suitable option for resolving the disputes you are facing.

    How can I apply for a court order for finances and child arrangements?

    Divorce Form E is a court document used in England and Wales for the financial aspects of separation or divorce proceedings. Family mediation typically does not require the use of Form E. For child arrangements, Court Form C100 is used and can be obtained from the court or here.