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The benefits of family mediation

For many, family mediation is preferable to the court process.

It is in the children's best interests

It is well known that when parents co-operate, there is a beneficial effect on children, as it helps them maintain important family relationships.

It is usually quicker than going to court

The family mediation route takes on average 110 days, compared with 435 days for non-mediated cases. Therefore the average time saving is 325 days (10.5 months).

An agreement can be made in a safe & confidential environment

Mediation is always confidential. Meetings are private and at the mediator’s office or a neutral venue.

It is less stressful & results in less conflict

The courts are often known for their adversarial approach and people often try to ‘win’ against the other, without looking at the overall picture.

It puts the decision in your hands, not the courts

A family mediator will assist you to find a solution that works for you and your family and importantly, how you can make this agreement legally binding.

It is usually cheaper than going to court

According to The National Audit Report in 2012, the average cost per client for mediation was £675. The average post per client for cases going to court was £2,823. This in an average cost saving of £2,148.
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